The "Remote" Economy is Morphing by Flexing and Force

Part Time Gigs or the GIG economy was the new frontier . No longer. Connected, Consumer, Worker, Career, Services, Goods, Tele-Med are all here and all in our domicile bubble. Its 24/7 live work play in our homes.

We're connected by text, email, video chat, screens, screens, screens and that's happening RIGHT NOW. 

We call, text, email or video chat, schedule, and oder, by being connected, We meet by video, we bank, tele-med, we shop, and we are order and work at home. (GRUB HUB, INSTACART, UPS, USPS, FED EX, HD, Wayfair, AMAZON etc) integrating all industry sectors into service sectors that once were "face to face" experiences for both workers and consumers.
The shift in this country was percolating for a while, but it's ready to boil over and world is economy is reshaping itself right now, and it won't look like the world we lived in just 4 months ago.
Many sectors like travel, hotels, ships, theaters, stadiums events, concerts, will take longer to come back. But new career economies will soar.
I've tele-med with my Doctor and I loved it and when I asked, she did as well. Work conferences rather than travel to meetings, is cost efficient, and will develop so the sharing of ideas and information will be measured for  a higher assimilation, then ever before, as when audience and face to face meetings were thought to carry the most weight of understanding and execution. 
That's it for now. Let's see where it's going.