Directory Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Free! Beacon Community Organizations and Government Listings $0.00
All Beacon Non Profit Community Organizations, as well as City of Beacon Government Offices, can list for free! Includes website link, 5 photos, 1 video. (NOTE: The first image/photo you update should be your logo)
Main Street & Beacon Business's $0.00
The first order of business, is to let "Beacon-ites" KNOW YOUR OPEN DURING THIS TIME. List Special Offers and Hours - Your Delivery, Curbside Pickup Process and or your Online Services. If your store or office is essential (like Rite Aid or Dental) or any health and wellness practice, office or shop, and or you are holding Online sessions or virtual events etc, please add that info in your listing.
During this time period, we hope to help all Beacon Business's and Citizens, with this directory of Main Street and City business's, as well as organizations and city government.
NOTE: The first image/photo you upload, should be your logo