Notices:Main Street Beacon

NOTICE: "The Beacon Chamber of Commerce" is going through a transfer of management, and currently, will not be utilizing the Website for Listings, Membership and/or Membership Management. Get ready for a new "Beacon Business & Event Alliance".
The Good News! After 5 years of marketing "Beacons' Own", will continue to be the online marketing venue, for all Beacons Business's & Events!
NOTICE #2. Any business registered and that paid for a "direct listing through the sites payment portal", or through the past Hocus Pocus Event Sponsorship, will be honored and also receive an extra free year listing and marketing, and on shared Google Ads. If you paid on The Hocus Pocus Event Website for a combined Sponsorship and Chamber Membership, you  also will  receive an extra free year listing and marketing on shared Google Ads. (Please Note: we never received any funds directly from the Beacon Chamber on your behalf, or if funds were collected in person or any other way directly by the chamber., and you paid directly to a Beacon Chamber of Commerce salesperson, membership salesperson, or officer, The Beacon Chamber might still have your membership or sponsorship funds, that were collected directly by them, and if you have any further questions, we suggest you contact the representative, you dealt with. Again - any combined payment for sponsorship and chamber membership on the Hocus Pocus Event Website, will be honored. Any payment paid directly to a Beacon Chamber representative or the Chambers VENMO account, or by any other means, other than the Hocus Pocus website or directly on this website, we have never received any payment(s) on your behalf.