Maeve Allen

Now Featured at Bank Square Coffeehouse!

The artwork of Zeke Fleming Jr, the mastermind behind the neon swirls and portraits hanging on the brick walls. Being a fine artist for over 40 years, he’s found the medium that feels as good to make as it looks. “I find myself running out of space to put the paintings long before I’m ready to stop painting,” he admitted.
    It takes about 8 hours to do 10 pieces, and a clear head is key. “I usually meditate and clear my entire mental space before I start working. This form of painting is very addictive.”
    The marbling effect in Zeke’s work is as unpredictable as it is striking. “This is one of the rare forms of art that I really have no idea how it’s going to turn out.”
    The marbling method requires lots of paint and patience. Acrylic paint is poured and then floats on top of water that’s been thickened. As the colors swirl together, the canvas is gently dipped onto the surface, resulting in the mesmorizing marble effect.
  “I plan on continuing to redefine my art and see where it goes.”

All of Zeke’s work is for sale at Bank Square Coffee House - go check it out!

129 Main St. Beacon, NY
 MSB - Maeve Allen