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The "Remote" Economy is Morphing by Flexing and Force
4/23/2020 MSB
We are all in it - The "Remote" Economy is Morphing by Flexing and Force
Social Distancing and Services
4/8/2020 MSB
Beacon Business's and Citizens Securing Safety with Social Xistencing Services. Beacon Business's and Citizens are securing their safety against Covid-19 by adhering to "social distancing guidelines.
Who's Open for Curbside and Delivery in Beacon!
4/7/2020 MSB
Beacon Merchants are doing their best and citizens can help them back.The gastronomy and libation merchants of this city on the Hudson, are all located on or just off Main Street, in the heart of Beacon.
Green Cars for a Green City
4/7/2020 MSB
Who knows, maybe all of Beacons Government vehicles, buses, and carts, etc., will be electric, or hydrogen. We are small enough to be big enough to get this done.