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10/18/2023 Staff
THE 2023 Hocus Pocus Parade & Events Is Back!
Manitou School Children, Showing Their Support For Ukrainian School Children!
Manitou School Children, Showing Their Support For Ukrainian School Children!
Powered By Main Street Hudson Valley Inc.
4/30/2023 MSHV, Inc.
Powered by Main Street Hudson Valley, Inc. MSHV has created the City of Beacon's Business, Events, Artisan, Restaurants and Maker Directory. Our goal is to make the Beacon the #1 City in The Hudson Valley!
Which Hazel Main Street Beacon Apothecary, is Having It's Grand Opening July 1st 2022!
6/28/2022 Main Street Beacon Staff
Which Hazel Main Street Beacon Apothecary, is Having It's Grand Opening July 1st 2022!
There's Finally an Official "Welcome To Main Street Beacon Shop" on Main Street!
6/7/2022 MSB Staff
Betty Beacon is the Un-Official, but Official "Welcome To Main Street Beacon" Shop on Main Street! Here you will find why Beacon is the #1 walkable main street destinations in The Hudson Valley.
Distilleries in the Hudson Valley
2/27/2022 Raphael Beretta photos by Jag_Cs
Whiskeys, Vodkas, and Liqueurs at Hudson Valley Distilleries - as seen in The Hudson Valley Magazine
 Carters Restaurant & Lounge; Beacons Eateries, Bars, Bakeries, Coffee & More! Experience #11
12/23/2021 MSB
Our MSB staff, tries on all of "what to do" in beacon, especially experiencing all the "Taps,Tables & Corks" this city along the Hudson has to offer! Experience #11
Main Street Beacon Merch
12/18/2021 MSB
Get your Main Street Beacon Merch at our online store.
The Fridman Gallery in Beacon NY
5/31/2021 Ron Donofrio
Founded in 2013, Fridman Gallery represents a roster of artists working across disciplines, from painting and sculpture to performance, video and sound art.
There’s Magic Behind the Counter at Yankee Clipper Diner
5/14/2021 Kat Merry
Breakfast, lunch, dinner- & family! We're crazy about the YCD!
Meet the Self-Care King of Beacon
5/14/2021 Kat Merry
Massage therapy is the ultimate form of self-care -& Tim Roach is bringing it to your living room
A New Voice for Beacon: Justice McCray and Beacon 4 Black Lives
5/11/2021 Maeve Allen
Meet Justice McCray: the new force to be reckoned with that is changing our community for the better.
Run, Don't Walk- The Doors Are Open at Dogwood
5/7/2021 Kat Merry
This beloved neighborhood bar is back in action- resuming it's role as one of Beacon's true community hubs.
Beacon's Dynamite Dog Walker
4/30/2021 Kat Merry
Corinne Hrinko is truly the 'Queen of Dogs' - we got to peak behind the scenes to see how she's earned her title as one of the best dog walkers in Beacon
Who Made That? Barry Chesser at Bank Square Coffeehouse
4/30/2021 Maeve Allen
Meet the artist behind the quirky, off-kilter paintings that have a permanent home at Bank Square Coffeehouse at the end of Main Street.
Happy Valley: Your Anything-But-Average Arcade Bar
4/27/2021 Kat Merry
Cosmic art, vegan food, and nostalgic arcade games- we got a peak at the magic behind this colorful bar on Main Street.
Meet the Team Behind the Tiniest Gallery in Beacon
4/26/2021 Maeve Allen
Meet the local artists who brought the Tiniest (and coolest) Gallery to Main Street.
Cats, Coffee, & The Couple Behind the Counter
4/23/2021 Kat Merry, Co-Founder/Writer
Beans Cat Cafe on Main Street boasts more than great coffee & snuggly (adoptable) cats- the humans are pretty special too.
Featured Artist at Bank Square Coffeehouse: Zeke Fleming Jr.
4/23/2021 Maeve Allen
Meet Zeke Fleming Jr. - the artist currently being featured in Bank Square Coffeehouse.
Beacon Comes Back To Life
4/17/2021 Kat Merry
Main Street buzzes with new life after a challenging year.
Main Street Beacon Vision Statement
4/16/2021 Founders
Shared stories behind local businesses, clubs, and restaurants, providing a bold engagement platform for all the amazing humans that make this city so great.
The "Remote" Economy is Morphing by Flexing and Force
4/23/2020 MSB
We are all in it - The "Remote" Economy is Morphing by Flexing and Force